Only Up Game

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About Only Up Game

Only Up Game takes you up to a strange world that is only in the air. You will help a little boy to escape from his poor hometown. Jump up to reach the sky now!

Many games with idle gameplay attract many players around the world. Recently, the game Only Up is currently hot on social networks and has become a trend with players worldwide. Streamers have also experienced this game and given some interesting feedback. After its launch, the game attracted nearly 150,000 viewers on Twitch. This is also an achievement that many Idle games want to reach. You just need some minutes to know how to play this game. However, practice is always harder than theory. Now let's see what makes this game so popular all over the world.

The plot of Only Up

Only Up is an extraordinary platforming adventure that draws its inspiration from the timeless fairytale of "Jack and the Beanstalk." In this captivating game, players embark on a mythological quest, tracing Jack's legendary footsteps, but with a twist. The journey to the top is not solely about ascending; it encompasses something far more significant.

At the core of Only Up lies a unique gameplay mechanic that allows players to manipulate time itself. With the power to slow down time, gamers gain a strategic advantage, enabling them to meticulously plan their movements, execute precise jumps, and conquer daunting obstacles. This feature injects an element of thought-provoking strategy into each level, ensuring that timing and control become the keys to success.

Immerse yourself in the sprawling world of Only Up and uncover an array of hidden treasures, secrets, and Easter eggs. The game is a veritable treasure trove, with countless surprises waiting to be discovered at every turn. From clever references to nods to pop culture, these hidden gems reward players with a sense of delight and accomplishment as they ascend higher and higher.

The average playthrough time for Only Up ranges from 40 to 120 minutes, ensuring a substantial and fulfilling gaming experience. However, for the most fearless and skillful players, a mind-boggling challenge awaits. Can you shatter records and reach the pinnacle in less than 23 minutes? The infinite allure of speedrunning beckons, promising unparalleled excitement for those seeking to push their limits.

Only Up caters to players who revel in dynamic gameplay and relish overcoming demanding obstacles. It offers a visceral sense of freedom and a thrilling expedition through boundless space and time. With its gripping narrative, ingenious time manipulation mechanics, and a myriad of hidden surprises, Only Up guarantees an unforgettable journey that will test your mettle and leave you breathless for more. Get ready to conquer gravity, defy limits, and ascend to greatness in this amazing platforming adventure!

Jump as high as possible in Only Up Game

Have you ever thought about jumping into the sky? This certainly cannot happen in real life. Even professional parkour athletes can only jump from one tall building to another. However, this game will make impossible things come true.

Don't fall down

No road is smooth and easy, especially the road to success. Jackie's path to heaven was also extremely arduous. The path you face is made up of other objects, buildings, and even planets. They will be placed in the air and spaced a certain distance apart. When jumping from one location to another, your character may fall into the distance. If you are lucky, you may fall on the objects below. Otherwise, you will directly fall to the ground. This is probably something that no gamer likes.

Use some support items and vehicles

In this game, there are many objects that you can jump on top of. However, sometimes there are high positions that are difficult to jump to. At this point, you need to take advantage of the items and some vehicles that appear in the air. In the latest version of Only Up, you can even use the elevator to move up to some higher positions. In addition, you can also use rudimentary ships to travel further. In addition, you need to pay attention to the spring beds in this game. It can help your character bounce very high. When bouncing so high, it will also be difficult for you to determine the next direction. Use everything you can to conquer the top of this game.

Reach the endpoint of the adventure

This game will not give you an endless journey. You can find the endpoint if you jump high. You can even jump off the earth and reach the sky. This is probably an exciting journey as you can explore many things from the sky to the ground. Join Jake on this journey to help him lead a happier life. Are you curious about how beautiful the final point will be? All you have to do is try to reach the finish line. Of course, the road to get there will be very long and difficult. Hope you can conquer this path.

The meaning of the objects that make up the path

For me, Only Up is more than just an entertainment game. Each object that appears on the path Jackie passes through is also very special. He cannot see these objects when he has to live in a poor place. They can be guitars, beautiful statues or giant coins. This shows that Jackie chose the right way to escape the slums. Believe me, you even can see things that you would never have thought of. The higher you go, the more curious you will be at the next objects on the path.

The special road

The value of the items will increase gradually when Jackie can go up. At the start, he will probably jump up a road with rusted iron pipes or old factories. Then he can go to the boulevards where there are expensive supercars. There are many valuable things waiting ahead. The path that Jackie wants to reach the sky can be considered as the path to success. You need to go slowly and explore more valuable things.

What impressed me about Only Up Game

Perhaps many players are impressed with the simple gameplay in this game while others love the eye-catching graphics. For me, I like the meaning of each object and each stage. Especially, when you go up high, you can see books and bookcases. The books that appear here represent knowledge. Only when you have enough knowledge, do you have a high chance of success. Since then, this game also confirms the importance of learning. Sometimes, learning is not only in school but also in life.

Try to finish in the shortest time in Only Up Game

You will not encounter enemies or spikes in this game. However, this does not mean the game will be easy. You need to complete your journey as quickly as possible. The timer will help you know how much time it took you to complete the task. If you fall to the ground, the timer will continue to work. So, avoid falling to the ground.

Be careful with the dragon

When you reach the road where you can see the giant trunk of the magic bean tree, you will see a giant dragon. If it flies close to your character's location, he can be knocked down by the power of the dragon's wings. So, when you reach this stretch of road, you won't have time for him to rejoice or rest. Quickly climb up to be able to dodge the dragon picture. However, if you are a pro, you can even take advantage of the power of the dragon scene to fly high. You can fly all the way to the finish line if the dragon wings push your character up. Of course, this will be useless because you have to choose the right location and time. Therefore, I recommend you climb manually to be safer. If you are adventurous, you can try the above method.

Find your way quickly

Only Up's roads are like giant mazes. You will probably get lost in this maze if you don't find the exit. How can I find the right path? This is probably the question of many players. Move the mouse to see everything around. Look for a road or location where it can connect to higher places. Don't get lost because you can't find the way out. To complete the journey in a short time, try to observe quickly and make the right decisions. You can share this game with your friends. After that, you can compete with each other to see who will finish this game fastest. There are people who take more than 100 minutes to reach the endpoint. Then you are later. Will you be able to break Distortion 2's 16:58s record? I really look forward to you.

Tips and Tricks to rule Only Up Game

In fact, I haven't been able to beat this game yet. However, I have also gained a lot of experience after falling back to the starting point many times. In addition, I have also drawn from the experience of many gamers who have completed this game. I will share with you some tips below. Of course, it won't completely help you win, but I think it will help you a lot.

Jumps help you overcome a long distance

I must be amazed at the high jumps in this game. Spring beds, springs can help your character fly very high. They will save you a lot of time. For example, your character has to jog on a very long train track to get to a higher floor. However, if you use a spring bed, you can even reach the position you want. Therefore, the jumps with springs will be extremely useful. However, you feel it is not safe. You can completely move as you like.

Be careful with round objects

There will be thousands of objects of different shapes and sizes. In it, you need to be very careful when putting your feet on round objects. They have a dangerous and slippery design. Therefore, your character may slip if you stand on round objects. Sometimes they're the reason you're back to where you started. Your character will not be injured if he falls from the sky.

Be very patient

If there is a game that requires the most patience and ingenuity, I will vote for Only Up. I'm sure many people give up after a few falls. Therefore, the one who fights straight is the one who perseveres to the end. You can fall to the ground hundreds of times, but each drop will give you more experience. From there, you can know what to do next when you get to that location. Then you will become familiar with the terrain and you will become the boss of this game.

Make sure every step is correct

Your character only needs to run and jump. Therefore, determining the position and jumping force is very important. To be able to do that, you need to know the distance from the character's position to the point you want to jump on. In this game, every step and jump requires precision. You just need to make a little mistake, all your previous efforts will return to the starting line. Although you want to finish the game as quickly as possible, you need to study the jumps before doing them.

The last word

After reading the instructions to play, perhaps no one thinks this game is easy to conquer any more. However, the hard game will be a more engaging game. This game needs your patience and skillful control. If you get back to where you started, don't give up. Help poor Jackie escape the slums and discover a new happy world. You can even show off yourself after having ruled this game. Trust me, your friends will adore you. Also, you should play this game on a PC device. With a bigger screen, you can experience the game more realistically. Don't be too surprised by Only Up's graphics. Realistic clouds make me think they are real. In addition, the movement of the character is also very smooth. You can even control the timing that makes your character fall or jump extremely slowly. You can take advantage of this to complete your quest. In addition, do not forget to customize features such as sound, sharpness before entering the game. I really hope you enjoy this game. In case you want to walk through the adventure, you can watch some guide videos on Youtube. From that, you can have your plan to get the victory. Have fun with Only Up!

Game control

  • Press the W key to move forward
  • Press the S key to move backward
  • Press the A key to move left
  • Press the D key to turn right
  • Swipe the mouse to look around
  • Use the spacebar to jump.
  • It’s better to play this game in full-screen mode.